CJ Art / Sagittarius A / Sophrosyne / Spiral In-Groove (with Viscid)

Under “CJ Art” disguise (among others) hides Artur – dj, producer and sound designer from Poland. He was connected with radio and music itself since he remember. Especially nice moment for this young man was summer 2004 when Markus Schulz with his crew has chosen him in “Global DJ Broadcast Contest” for a top finalist with such famous djs as for example: Terje Bakke or Rein de Vries. Another highlight in his music life was collaborating with his friend – talented warsawer producer Viscid – and creating together music-project called „Spiral In-Groove”. First tune produced by them titled “Soundctuary” was released on JOOF Deep (JOOF Rec. sublabel) in april 2006 and supported by such big names as: John ‘00’ Fleming, Oliver Prime, Maor Levi, Mike Foyle, Leon Bolier and more. Same year came next releases: Spiral In-Groove’s remix for 00db – Fused (JOOF Rec.) and CJ Art’s remix for “Posthuman – Mineral” (Progrezo Rec.). In 2007 CJ Art & Marcooz joined the FriskyRadio team with their show called “Spectrum”.

Last years were full of producing and remixing for great labels as Frisky Records, JOOF Recordings, Contrast Records, Mistique Music, Mestiza records, Jetlag Digital, Deepssesions Recordings, Underground City Music, Ecliptical Sun Recordings, Indigo Records, Elektrax Progressive, Distants Records, D&B Records, Phatt Sounds to name just a few. Many of his latest progressive productions were being supported by such big names as John 00 Fleming, Airwave, Markus Schulz, Armin van Buuren, Peter Martin, CP, DJ Tarkan, Moshic, Kintar, Nomad In The Dark, Hassan Rassmy, dPen, Sarp Yilmaz, Taucher, Rasti Tkac, Frangellico, Nicolas Coronel, Michael & Levan, Stiven Rivic, Retroid, Oliver Morgenroth, Faskil, Niko Fantin, Simon Firth, Matteo Monero, Suffused, Soulfire, Athan, DJ Denko, Exoplanet, Kay-D, Bobby Deep, Josel & Pedro, Royal Sapien, Hyline, Dark Soul Project, Fernando Ferreyra & Mariano Favre, Ivan Nikusev, N-tchbl, Python, Wes Straub, Frede Goto, D.Deluxer, K.a.n., Virusboy, Denis Bozman, Eryo, The Stain, Loquai, Atrium Sun, Julian Rodriguez, Flash Brothers, Phonic Deep, Sasha Le Monnier and many, many more.

Despite all adversities and lack of time Artur is still trying to grow musically. He’s after Sound Engineering with Pro Tools certificates completed. Let’s hope it’s not the end of his musical explorations…


Few words from Art: Many thanks to all my close friends. Without them I would leave the scene and music few years ago…



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