November 2011 update – time for a break…

Hello brothers & sisters!

At first I wanna thank you all for the support you have given me since my first release and for all kind words written here, via pm, e-mail, personal talks etc. etc. Also big thanks to all my musical friends for so many fantastic cooperations, releases, support, many talk-talks and other special things which helped me on my music journey!

Second – I want to invite you for 3 guest mixes this month:

23.11.2011 – gm for Equinox 047 (hosted by Phaedra) on Pure Fm
29.11.2011 – gm for Poltergeist 1st Anniversary (hosted by AquAdro) on Insomnia fm
30.11.2011 – gm for Deep Visions 3-Year Anniversary (hosted by Tino Deep) on Pure Fm

And last but not least 😉

Because of some unexpected issues recently I have to announce one thing. I feel honored and it means a lot to me that many, many of you send me invitations to your shows and asks me for guest mixes, I really appreciate that and I’ve always tried to record something really special for each show (only for this one show, specially chosen material, unique concept of the set, nothing heard before from me etc. – you know me 😉 ). Unfortunately, this month I have recorded last guest mixes this year, sorry that I have to refuse many of you, if it depends only on me, I would record as many as I can – it’s the first time since few years I have to refuse, unfortunately…

Same thing with producing… I will try to finish works which I’ve started before and won’t let anybody down, will do best I can as I’ve always tried to. This year was really full of music work, many of the results will come out in the end of this year and in the upcoming months (Dyssomnia EP, Levitation EP, Journey To Greater End EP and many, many other stuff including also many remixes…), so productions from me won’t stop suddenly – maybe it’s just a short or longer break, I don’t know at this point, time will show 😉

Hope you’ll understand me bros & sis, I’ll try to keep you updated with any upcoming stuff from me, coz there will be really many tracks/remixes/giveaways on the way in 2012 😉

And of course sets from me you will be able to hear every month on friskyRadio in Spectrum show, always deep & mystical!

peace & love all!

(and sorry for my english)


~ - autor: cjartmusic w dniu 23/11/2011.


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