CJ Art – recent releases for Joof Recordings, Surbeats Records and Deepsessions Recordings + october chart

Last few days were really crazy and I simply haven’t found a free while to write about 3 fresh releases which came out on 8th and 9th of november. Yess, three new releases, but four tracks from me this time – two remixes for John “00” Fleming, one for Franzis-D and one for Matias Fernandez Vina. To make it more clear and visually transparent, I will post short info about all of those Eps, covers and beatport links below:

1. John 00 Fleming – Nine Lives Remixes EP [JOOF Recordings]

Nine Lives EP

John 00 Fleming – Baphomets Horn (CJ Art Dub Mix)
John 00 Fleming – Baphomets Horn (CJ Art Remix)




2. Matias Fernandez Vina – Infinite EP [Surbeats Records]

Infinite EP

Matias Fernandez Vina – Infinite (CJ Art’s Space Infinite Remix)




3. Franzis-D – Purgatory [Deepsessions Recordings]

Purgatory EP

Franzis-D – Purgatory (CJ Art Remix)

Some feedbacks:

AquAdro — Cj Art & Matteo Monero favorite!!!
Carlos Fox – Really good EP…All tracks are great….my favorites are CJ Art Remix and Ejective..thanks..!
No Sonic Limits — Cee Jay Art… F**ckin’ magnificent! THANKS!
Marcooz — great one, will support
Gai Barone — cool ! thanks
Matteo Monero — Really great work from Cj Art ! Thanks
Sander Kleinenberg — downloading for Sander Kleinenberg! thanks!
Andy Newland — CJ Art Rmx: cool vibe.
Suffused — Cj Art, Matteo Monero & Ejective remixes for us! Thanks
Stanisha — Awesome pack, congrats ma bro.
Fernando Ferreyra — Very good works, Cj Art & Matteo Monero Remix for me, thanks
Frangellico — amazing pack, love all mixes, will play for sure
N-tchbl — oh, this sounds brilliant! Fran Von Vie is a notch, will play! CJ Art too, amazing.. tnx!
Oliver Morgenroth — many good versions in this pack!
Dj Premium One — Original Mix and Cj Art Rmx is solid.
Tolga Diler — very good release good tracks…congratz guys…thanks
Stefan DJordjevic — nice pack! Thanks
Boral Kibil – nice ep thnx for all….
Dualvision — great ep here, full support! thanks!





October 2011 chart – fav tracks from last weeks in random order:

October 2011 chart



~ - autor: cjartmusic w dniu 10/11/2011.


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