Fendler – Talisman (CJ Art Remix) [D&B Records] – out today

I’m glad to announce that long awiated „Fendler – Talisman” EP is already out on BeatPort, Juno, iTunes and many more digital music stores. Many thanks to the author of original track and D&B Records staff for the great opportunity to be part of this release. You will find there 4 different versions, Fendler’s original one and remixes from me, ZooL and Shamanah.

Fendler - Talisman EP

Fendler – Talisman (CJ Art Remix)
Release: Sep 30 2011
Label: D&B Records
Cat: [D&B005]


Nomad In The Dark — Cjart remix for me.
CP — Cj Art is good !
Max Cooper — Good!
Michael & Levan — Cj Art!
Matteo Monero — Cj Art for me !!!!
Soulfire — CJ Art Remix is more along my style. Thanks.
Simon Firth — Orig,Cj Art and Shamanah for me .good stuff…
Suffused — Great pack! Original and Cj Art for us
Fady Ferraye — nice. I dig.
Brian Cody / Coherent / Boshell and Cody — Dark and deep stuff the Zool and CjArt remixes are nice 🙂
Deep-L — good track from my bro cj art ! 😀
Blusoul — Great work!
Sander Kleinenberg — Thanks! Downloading for Sander Kleinenberg.
Ivan Nikusev — cj art has the best version here for my ears
Markus Schulz — cool thanks
Paul van Dyk — thanks downloading for pvd
Fernando Ferreyra — Amazing EP, Very good sounds here, All versions are amazing works, thanks
Armin van Buuren — DL for Armin Van Buuren
AquAdro — Cj Art remix for us…Thanks!!!
ZooL — cj art and shamanah are really good remix
Fendler — Massive!
Athan — Great package,will play it
Steve Murrell — Very nice
Isaac — Shamanah and CjArt mixes for me, support! Thanks!
Ferry Corsten — thanks
Gosh (Kanov) — Good release! All tracks are really cool!
Deep Future — Nice Ep , Downloading. Tnx
T-Dallas — Original,Zool & Cj Art remix cool tunes tnx!
Loquai — Zool is my fav. here, the mix of Tech prog and Deep House is perfect here. CjArt is great too and Shamanah remix
Gai Barone — cool remixes! thanks
Selim Gaston — Great ep ! thanks
Carlos Pashe — great, many thanks.

and more…

Preview on D&B Rec. soundcloud channel:


Beatport link:


hope you’ll enjoy 🙂


~ - autor: cjartmusic w dniu 30/09/2011.


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