CJ Art – Time Differences and Grooveland guest mixes – downloads

hey progressive freaks!

Time for some fresh dose of mixed prog vibes from me. If you weren’t able to listen live to my last two guest mixes, don’t worry, here are the links to official.fm site, where you can re-listen those sets and download them if you like – just click the name of the show to download or the flyer to listen 😉

CJ Art – Time Differences 07 guest mix [04.09.2011] on Tm-Radio.com

TD guestmix


Sasha – Rabbitweed [Deconstruction]
Hernan Cattaneo & John Tonks – Warsaw [Bedrock Breaks]
Shock Osugi aka Kris Nyga – Sumo (CJ Art Deep Breaks Mix) [Underground City]
Moshic – Rain Done (Break Mix) [Contrast]
Deep Soul Duo – Transfiguration (CJ Art’s Deep Transquility Mix) [Mistique]
Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Night Colours (CJ Art’s GDOA 6am Remix) [Mistique]
John 00 Fleming – The Winds Of Change Are Blowing [Joof]
CJ Art – Dyssomnia (Deep Soul Duo remix) [Mistique]


CJ Art – Grooveland Ep. 021 guest mix (15.08.2011) @ Eilo.org

Grooveland guestmix


Enigma – Eppur Si Muove [Virgin]
Enigma – Feel Me Heaven [Virgin]
Moshic – Random Love (Break Mix) [Contrast]
Pablo Roma – Blue Noise [CDr]
Lai – Drops Fall Deeper (Facundo Mohrr Remix) [Acute]
DJ Tarkan & Dammex – In A Dream (Bs As Deep Remix) [CDr]
DJ Tim & David Kassi – She Made Magic [Behold]
V-Sag vs. Keri – Rhythm Rider [CDr]




~ - autor: cjartmusic w dniu 07/09/2011.


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