AquAdro – I Say Goodbye (CJ Art Remixes) – out now

New release from well known progressive duo aka AquAdro is already out on Mistique Music! What’s the content of „I Say Goodbye” ep? Original Mix + versions from Kay-D, Loquai and two of mine: CJ Art’s IntroDeep mix and CJ Art’s DubDeep mix.
I think you may find this ep interesting, because of the variety of tracks included – some nice chill sounds, breaks and deep progressive vibes of course 😉

I Say Goodbye

Release: Aug 28 2011
Label: Mistiquemusic

Short description:

This week the Italian duo sees their first original project entitled ‚I Say Goodbye’ for Mistique getting its release with a powerhouse selection of remixes from: CJ Art, Kay-D and Loquai. Aquadro’s original mix is a marvellous down tempo piece that’s full of lovely piano lines and an overall serene, peaceful atmosphere (…)

Polish producer and one of Mistique’s strongest contributors CJ Art provides two remixes on the package, the ‚Dub Deep’ and ‚Intro Deep’ mixes. The ‚Dub Deep’ mix has a more DJ friendly intro while the ‚Intro Deep’ mix begins with about a minute of atmosphere and bubbly acid lines which could be an ideal set starter. Both pieces have big, funky basslines with more than enough power to rock any dancefloor and the nasally / aquatic styled acid lines are processed perfectly for a truly wicked sound. The subtle melodic accents that run throughout the track perfectly compliment CJ’s always spectacular drums and add just the right amount of wispy atmosphere without losing the track’s great edge. Rocking stuff from CJ.


Silinder — CJ Art’s Dub, thanks 🙂
Deep Soul Duo — Great PAck, Cj art, Loquai our favs.
Alfoa — CJ Art DubDeep
Gai Barone — very good…thanks
Frede Goto — Will play
Suffused — Great remixes!! CJ ART, Kay-D and Loquai rocked it!
MSZ — what suffused said!
Isaak Escamilla — CJ Art & Kay-D mixes are for me thanks
Arctic Night — Kay-D and Cj Art for me.Will Play.Thanks!!
Kintar — Interesting remixes and original work! Full support for whole pack!
Johan Nilsson — CJ’s Intro Deep remix worked best for me but they are all good here. Loquai turned in yet another strong one as well
Unsolved Mystery — CJ Art remixes (especially Intro version) are the best for me. I like Loquai’s special remix some…
Ozgur Ozcan — great ep! great team!
Sebastian Garuti — gret ep from aquadro!
Probity — CJ, Loquai and KD did nice work here and working so hard lately which is so nice to hear!
Deersky – Cj Art Intro Deep mix , Kay-D remix & Loquai for me ! very nice package!
Kay Mikado – Nice Release!!! Thanks
N-tchbl – massive package and massive artists involved, full support!
Paul Key – Very nice EP!

… and more!




~ - autor: cjartmusic w dniu 30/08/2011.


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