Psychowsky – Somewhere Behind You (CJ Art’s Somewhere From Nowhere Mix) [Deepsessions]

Fresh release from Deepsessions Recordings, where you can find Original track from Psychowsky and remixes from Boral Kibil, T-Dallas and me.


short description:

„Classic value from our greek friend, pure prog sound with some trance touch in it.Cj Art goes deeper with the unique sound of Artur,starting powerful & then have a melodic break in it.Boral Kibil & T-Dallas remix are smoother & could be played in late night sessions.”

„Psychowsky’s new track is entitled ‚Somewhere Behind You’ and it comes with remixes from: CJ Art, Boral Kibil, T-Dallas.
Polish producer CJ Art brings his much loved dark, sinister sound to ‚Somewhere Behind You’ and provides the first remix. CJ’s sounds come through big time here with his intricate drum work and superior sound design really getting showcased. He’s left out the more melodic elements from the original and used just the top end chords which work perfectly over CJ’s bed of twisted sounds. A big mix from CJ and a great alternative for those who may find the original too trancey for their sets.”


Oliver Morgenroth – orginal and cj art remix!!
Hyline – CJ Art!
Matteo Monero – Cj art and T-Dallas for me !!! Thanks
Frangellico – like all mixes! will play
Tim Benjamin – Original and CJ Art for me, thanks
CzD – Cj art rmx for me
Gerardo Boscarino – great ep, will play
DeepSense – great pack, original and cj art our pick here! thank u!
Marcooz – nice ep, CJ’s remix is my fav
Dualvision – full support, its a very good pack.
Stefaj DJordjevic – all mixes are great, thanks!
Tolga Diler – very good release all tracks are good!
AquAdro – Great Thodoris and remixers…support!!!
LRCN – All are nice, full support!
George Marvel – Great pack full suport !!
Nick Varon – Will try those thx
G-Mohris – Great Pack

and more…, thank you!

Beatport link:




~ - autor: cjartmusic w dniu 12/08/2011.


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