John ’00’ Fleming’s Global Trance Grooves 099 show – guest CJ Art – join us tomorrow!

I have a great pleasure and honor to invite you all for tomorrow’s „Global Trance Grooves„, one of my all time fav show hosted by the one and only – John ’00’ Fleming. John’s philosophy of underground trance/progressive scene (you can read about it on 34th page in Tilllate magazine ) since the begining has been very close to my heart, so it’s even more than guest mix for me, it’s an amazing feeling to be part of this underground vision and to have an opportunity to support and spread deep & hypnotic progressive grooves from around the globe in GTG show. I would like to thank you very much John for your constant faith, support and dedication to underground sounds.



More info here

Join us tomorrow (12.07.2011,, 20:00 CET) and enjoy the trip!


~ - autor: cjartmusic w dniu 11/07/2011.


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