K.a.n ft. Mershans Venedia – The Order of Chaos (CJ Art Tribal Mix)

Something for deep, dark and tribal progressive listeners!

I have a big pleasure to be on one EP with very talented producers like K.a.n, Mershans Venedia, Deep-L, Tolga Diler and B.Twist, who (i hope) are the future of deep & dark tribalish progressive house. All material was prepared for Argentinean dark progressive label Distants Records. The EP is already out on Beatport, so feel free to listen, catch and play it supporting progressive underground sound 😉

Order of Chaos EP

short description:

„KAN and Mershans Venedia have created a perfect EP for this occasion, The order of chaos its name, including tracks remixes of ”The Order of Chaos” by Tolga Diler, Deep-L, CJ Art & B. Twist.
This EP was influenced by dark sounds, atmospheres and drums completely adapted in each track. No doubt another success Distants Records label.”

Btw. The EP reached number 10 on mypromopool.com, so i’m very glad that such dark sounds are still interesting for djs and listeners, let’s hope the scene will grow bigger 🙂

You can hear sample of my remix here:

CJ Art's soundcloud

Beatport link:




~ - autor: cjartmusic w dniu 18/06/2011.


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