CJ Art – Too Dark To Play EP [Distants Records]

Hey progressive freaks, it’s me again 😉

This time it’s all about the fresh, 4-track EP – special deep, dark and tribal material, which I’ve prepared for new great Argentinean dark progressive label Distants Records. It’s already out on Beatport, so feel free to listen, catch and play it, of course if it’s really not too dark to play!

To Dark To Play

CJ Art – Too Dark To Play EP [Distants Records]

01. CJ Art – Too Dark To Play (Original Mix)
02. CJ Art – Aethemon (Original Mix)
03. CJ Art – Acedia (Original Mix)
04. CJ Art – Terra Incognita (Original Mix)

short description:

„CJ Art prepared its first EP in Distants Records, his name is: „Too Dark to Play”. This contains only dark sounds, atmospheres & percussion defined and amazing vocals, giving a result of a totally dark EP.”


Kan Chan Kin (aka K.A.N) — hopefully not too dark to listen!! whole BOMB ep!! congrats arthur amazing producer
Francisco Diaz Estevez (aka Franzis-D) — Bomb EP, congratulations.
Rodrigo Ferraro (aka Deepness) — Not words. it’s a dark EP!
Arnaud Lebuffe (aka AK) — 5/5 …It’s been Long time i heard 4 bombs tracks on the same ep… Congrats Artur!
Tasos Karavidas (aka DJ Duma) — Boombbbbbbbbbbbbbb
Fernando Lopez — Puffffff….. very very good!!!!!
Gerardo Portilla — greattttttttttttttttttt
Selim Gaston — full support !!!
Diego Jasso – IM WAITING FOR THIS ONE ……………
Virusboy – Atomic DARK
Coolvibe – My man , huge sounds again !!!
Sagitive (aka Primal Terror) – wow so many new tracks! more cj art yes!
Pavel Kuzmenko (aka Paul Key) – Congratz my bro 🙂 Full Support!
Matias Ricciardi – Full Support! Excelent EP!

dPen (Greece)
— Totally dark ep Like all tracks Aethemon my fav !! 4/5
Aural Frequency (Mexico) — Awesome EP full of dark ambients, as the title said „Too dark to play” great work! 5/5
Eukali (Australia) — Awesome release!! Hard to pick a favourite – every track is great – well balanced! 5/5
Tim Benjamin (Germany/Belgium) — i like his work, always worth it all tracks sound good to me 4,5/5
Garrett (Poland) — Good atmospheric dark sound , all tracks very proggy,Aethemon my fav 5/5
dave (Belgium) — awesome EP all tracks are really great. Quality release. 5/5
ov3rblast (greece) — One more for the floors,depth,darky vibes,prog tech ,etherial vocals and a little different work from CJ Art this time..acedia my fav brilliant one! 5/5
DJG-KHAN (russia) — nice tunes, will incorporate the operator mix in my set 4,5/5
Jaime Le Mier (USA) — a great dark track by CJ art… keep up the good work. 3/5
Deepsense (Russia) — daark tracks! ‚terra incognita’ is not bad here. 4/5
SLAVE (Hungary) — i’ll play these tracks for sure! verry good production quality 3,5/5
Dj Marteo (Bulgaria) — „nice house tunes i like it good work 🙂 ” 4.5 / 5.0
DJ Mantrah (United States) — „excellent set …this label cranks out some great stuff, will support …cant wait to play these …” 4.0 / 5.0


Btw. The EP reached number 5 on mypromopool.com Top 100 – too dark to play, but maybe not too dark to chart? 🙂

Hope you will like it too!



~ - autor: cjartmusic w dniu 14/05/2011.


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