Suffused – Sunset Beach (CJ Art’s Abandoned Beach Mix) [Mistique Music]

I’m glad to announce that fresh release from Mistique Music is already out on Beatport, I hope you will like it 🙂

Sunset Beach


John 00 Fleming — CJ Art mix 🙂
Phonic Deep — cj art remix for us.thanks
Gerardo Boscarino — deep and dark, right down my alley
N-tchbl — This is just brilliant! Cannot wait to put my fingers onto this, sure will play!
Dynamic Illusion — Nice!
Gai Barone — aquadro and cj my fav here-thanks
Marcooz — CJ and Bon Voyage for me, stunning!
Repton — bon voyage,cj art and christian remixes for me thanks
Paul Key — Solid Pack!!! Full support! All tracks very good! Thank u
Unsolved Mystery — CJ Art is unstoppable! His remix will be great set opener. I love Bon Voyage Remix — very moody interpretation. Original Mix is also very good – but hey! It’s Suffused’s production – those guys can’t go wrong 🙂
Frede Goto — Awesome!!
Ozgur Ozcan — full support
MSZ — Suffused are amazing! nice remix by CJ.
AquAdro — Original and Cj Art for us!!!Thanks
Arctic Night — Cool sounds here.Thanks
Deepsoul Duo — Excellent, Original, Msz, Cj Art are our favs.!
Haroun Omar — Excellent release!! ^^
Blusoul — Great ep with great rmxs!
Matteo Monero — All remixes are very good !!! Thanks
Phaedra — great release!!!




~ - autor: cjartmusic w dniu 10/05/2011.


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